Friday, July 16, 2010

Hawaiian Lamb Sliders with Hoisin-Soy Glaze . . . So GOOD

Sliders were not in my vocabulary until about 3 months ago when I decided to tackle my own version of White Kastle sliders. The cute little burgers were so much fun, EASY to put together and delicious. Have you ever cooked a slider burger? I am not sure a bun could get prepped as fast as the miniature burger will cook and be done~!

Now the ideas for little burgers sound endless. The Hawaiian lamb sliders are just as fun to make and juicy delicious.

The grilled pineapple wrapped in sticky strips of prosciutto add a wonderful salty sweet flavor to the lamb burgers and hoisin-soy glaze. A really fun dinner to try.

Hawaiian Lamb Sliders W/hoisin-soy Glaze
2 T. hoisin sauce
2 T. soy sauce
1 T. honey
1 T. Sriracha hot sauce
1 (8-ounce) can pineapple rings in juice
Around 1 pound ground lamb
salt and freshly ground pepper
4 slices prosciutto
1/3 cup mayonnaise
wasabi, to taste
Hawaiian sweet rolls, toasted on the grill

Make the hoisin-soy glaze: In a small bowl, combine hoisin sauce, soy sauce, honey, Sriracha and 1 Tablespoon of pineapple juice, reserving pineapple rings for later. Whisk together until combined.
Mix mayonnaise with about 1 1/2 teaspoons of ready-made wasabi and set aside.
Make the burgers: Prepare grill to medium-high heat, or preheat broiler. In a medium bowl, add lamb, salt, pepper and 3 tablespoons of hoisin-soy glaze, reserving remaining glaze. Gently mix to combine, and form into miniature patties for sliders.
Drain pineapple rings and set on a plate, ready for the grill.
Same with Hawaiian sweet rolls. Slice sets of three in half, ready to toast on the grill over indirect heat.
Cook lamb patties on grill or in broiler 2 minutes per side, longer depending on desired doneness. TOP LAMB PATTIES WITH HOISIN-SOY GLAZE 1 MINUTE BEFORE YOU FINISH COOKING. Put pineapple slices on grill during the last 2 minutes of grilling patties along with the buns.

ASSEMBLE: Cut pineapple slices into 4 sections and wrap each section with a strip of prosciutto. Put mayonnaise mixture on bottom buns, then lamb patty, 2 sections of pineapple wrapped in prosciutto, then top bun.


Hanaâ said...

YUM! Those look delicious (I happen to love lamb). They don't look anything like their WC counterpart. Great job, Shandy. I bet dinner was a big hit!

Chef Dennis said...

now thats a much better slider than white castle could ever manage....I love the pineapple and proscuitto!