Thursday, April 14, 2011

CEiMB - Waldorf Chicken Wraps

CEiMB - Waldorf Chicken Wraps Out of Ellie's So Easy cookbook
This week's host is Peggy of Pantry Revisited!

I cooked up a couple of chicken breasts on the stove and whipped these fun little sandwiches together in no time.  What an amazing combination of flavors; so light, crisp, and fresh! 

The sandwiches wouldn't stay rolled together so I had to wrap in foil to get a closed sandwich picture.  Thank you Peggy for the wonderful choice this week.  Friday lunch is ready and waiting in the refrigerator!

You can also download Ellie's recipe from my Food Network site by clicking here.

Check out the rest of the CEiMB group's write-ups by clicking here for the blog roll.  Everyone in the group is so much fun and imaginative!


Peggy said...

Shandy I am so sorry. What happened was I picked the Asian Noodle Bowl, then Marthe discovered that Margaret had also picked that. So I quickly chose the Waldorf Wraps and she posted our recipes, only to discover later that we had already made the wraps. So then I picked Tuna Noodle Casserole!! Marthe did do a post telling us all that she had changed the line-up, but you must have already scheduled yourself to do the wrap. It is no biggie. I appreciate you cooking along with me this week and sorry for the misunderstanding!! Your wrap looks delicious. I bet it was as good as the casserole.

Kayte said...

Shhh...don't tell Peggy but I made these for lunch as well one day as I know we made them before, but I liked them and felt like it anyway. No tuna here either...I did a pork chop rewind. Your wrap looks great, btw. Love this recipe.

A. George said...