HCB - The Bostini ~ Simply Heaven in a Cup

Free Choice for the Heavenly Cake Bakers this week? I think I had a melt down. Because I just joined this wonderful and talented group, there are very few recipes I have made out of Rose Beranbaum's baking book ~ as of yet. Then I saw the Bostini! Vanilla pastry cream, orange chiffon cupcake batter, and a delicious chocolate butter glaze; what is not to love?

A signature dessert of pastry chef Kurtis Baguley, with the orange glow chiffon cupcake batter being from Rose's own Cake Bible. A wonderful orange flavor emits from this light, tender cupcake; can you tell from the coloring in the photo above how the color is more orange then golden? Comes from all the fresh orange zest AND squeezed juice added into the batter.

Then there is the thick and silky vanilla bean pastry cream. I rarely make pastry cream just because I can NOT keep my finger or spoon out of the decadent custard. There is something to be said for taking a moist Tahitian vanilla bean, slicing the black bean down one side and scraping the fragrant black seeds into sugar, rubbing the sugar between your fingers to make sure all the precious seeds are evenly distributed ~ then ~ adding this to a good quality heavy cream, along with the, now seedless, bean pod. So good, sigh . . . a creamy custard I wish I could sit and slowly enjoy over a long period of time.

I felt like a child in a candy store. I could not wait to assemble the Bostini and yet I wanted to take my time and get this just right. I shopped for the cappuccino cups ahead of time. I started at Macy's department store to no avail and ended up using the ones shown. They hold about 6 or 7 ounces, which is what we are looking for. The cupcakes are inverted so the base is sticking slightly above the cup rim and makes a perfect opening around the perimeter for the chocolate butter glaze.

So, what do you think?

When I served the bostinis, everyone felt like they wished they could lick the chocolate glaze first when no one was looking (HUGE smile!) Okay, I wished this but I am positive everyone else was thinking it! I had so much fun baking this dessert and now I can not wait to see what the rest of the group did for their free choice week; happy baking everyone!


Angie's Recipes said…
wow This looks gorgeous! I don't think I have had anything like this before...now I am totally enticed!
Beth said…
Those are so beautiful -- I love the way you served them! I'm a huge fan of anything with orange, so you've definitely tempted me.
Julie said…
Those look amazing! Great job.
Vicki said…
These look amazing! Now I know what to do with a box of glass steins I bought a year ago. Plus I love Boston Cream Pie. It wasn't on the free bake list Marie listed so when it does come up, you can substitute one that is. This has happened before to bakers. Not a big deal. It just makes me more eager for the Bostini week.
Flourchild said…
OK WHEN are you opening up your bakery..ha ha!! No seriously girl you amaze me to NO end!! YOU have talent beyone any Martha S. or Paula D..Im serious!!
These look fantastic..I may have to make them someday. I feel the winter bakage bug hitting me hard!!!
Eliana said…
I would like that chocolate glaze even if someone was looking. It's irresistable!
Shandy said…
Thank you Julie for the wonderful comment! My family and I (especially me) loved this dessert =).
Jenn said…
Shandy, it looks just like in the book! Love how shiny the chocolate glaze is. Good job!
Shandy...you never cease to amaze! These look divine! I love orange and chocolate together...thrown in pastry cream. OMG. Your orange chiffon cupcakes look so delicate and delicious. I have never heard of a "Bostini" before, but I think I've been missing out. Will you be sharing the recipe? P.S. I am sure everyone was thinking about licking the chocolate off the glass too! I know I would be. ;)
Joyti said…
It looks gorgeous! And decadent and delicious too.
Lois B said…
Beautiful! My first thought had to do with licking the chocolate glaze too!
Hi Shandy,

You asked what I think? I think you did a fabulous job - FABULOUS! I love this post!!! What a way to impress!!

Hanaâ said…
This looks amazing, Shandy. My first thought was to lick my screen, I mean, the cup, haha (I really would even though hubby hates it when I do). My second thought, this looks just like the picture in the book. Great job. I can't wait for us to make this one.

I made the Spice Cake but have yet to post it. It's pretty crazy at work these days (October product release) *and* we had a bake sale at work today for the flood victims in Pakistan. Hopefully I can update my blog tonight.
Hi Shandy. I would LOVE the recipe for the Bostini. My email is glory445 @ aol.com.
faithy said…
Yums! these look just like the book!! photo perfect as well!
Jeannette said…
Omg, I can't control the drool...

Hi Shandy! I would love the recipe for Bostini. My email address is glory445 @ aol.com
Anonymous said…
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