Heavenly Cake Baker's - Swedish Pear and Alomond Cream Cake

The Heavenly Cake Baker's is an amazing group! I continue to be challenged on just about every recipe we have tried. On November 8th, the HCB group made the Swedish Pear and Almond Cream bundt cake and I missed out baking it. All I saw was beautiful, moist cakes on all the member's blog sites and I couldn't quit thinking about baking one of my own.

I bought the ingredients last week. All I had to do was assemble. I was wondering how everyone achieved getting the pears covered with cake since the recipe calls for only a 1/4-inch groove to be made for the almond cream, then the layer of pear slices on top.

I was the one to be shocked when pulling the cake out of the oven. No pears visible!

The cake is moist, the almond and pear combination delicious, and I will be re-baking the recipe again. We really loved it! I am actually thinking about "not" sharing but that wouldn't be very nice =).
This week is a free choice week so check out what other HCB'ers did for their choices by clicking here for the blog roll; you will not be disappointed. I never am; happy baking!


Eliana said…
Hmm - this looks heavenly Shandy :)
evil cake lady said…
great job, delicious cake!
great combo! look so delicious!
Anonymous said…
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Chef E said…
Gosh I just went through a lot of your blog post and now I am finding myself very hungry! Stew over polenta, YUM!

I love cake like this- some of the best moist dessert you can treat yourself too!
Kayte said…
Oh, my that looks stunning and delicious.
Hanaâ said…
Beautiful cake and what a nice crumb! It's a good thing we have more Free Choice weeks coming up. I definitely have to make this one too. I chose to make the Apple Upside-Down Cake. Hopefully I'll get to posting it tonight (2 days late!!). It was a great cake.
Beth said…
That cake looks wonderful. It's funny that the pears disappeared inside, but I'm sure it was no less delicious!
FJKramer said…
This looks amazing and combines some of my favorite flavors. I have the ckbk, so I will now have to make this asap.
Anonymous said…
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