Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daring Bakers

I feel like celebrating! I have enjoyed watching others do their baking challenges and now I get to be a part of it. Wahhoooo! New friends, new ideas, great blogs. Ohhh! Uuumm, yes, the blog thing. Being new to the blogging world, it seems I have made a few boo boos. I was trying to get a few blog addresses to the side of my blog and somehow have posted the blogs as mainstay comments. How embarassing. Yeesh! Well, I am hoping that as I learn to become more proficient, the mistake blogs will make their way to the bottom of the pile and maybe no one will notice. I guess it isn't helping the matter that I feel the need to talk about it. BUT. . . .guess what????? giggle, giggle. . . I am a daring baker. Harray for me!


slush said...

Im new to blogging as well(July). Youll get the hang of it. Congrats on joining the DBs! I know youll have a blast!

Deborah said...

Welcome to the DBs, and to the world of food blogging!! Be careful - it's addictive!

megan said...

Saw you on the db site and had to come say Hi. I'm a newby also and cant wait to see everyones challange. Good luck and have fun!