Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TWD - Mrs. Vogel's Scherben and a HUGE Thank you to petite Nyonya for the Present!

I just have to first say a HUGE Thank you to petite Nyonya (from: A Nyonya's Kitchen . . . for all seasons) for the present. The lavender and gold scarf has sparkly thread woven throughout and is absolutely Beautiful! I entered Nyonya's contest and she add extra people to win gifts! My hubby couldn't figure out why we had a package from Malaysia in the mailbox then I think I broke his eardrums when I squealed out of sheer excitement. I do this every once in a while and I always get the same scowl from him. I never give him scowls when he yells at the TV during football season.

Thank you Nyonya! I LOVE it!
Tuesday with Dorie - what an interesting recipe. Mrs. Vogel's Sherben was chosen by Teanna of Spork and Foon (don't you just love the name of her blog . . . Too Cute~!) and made by a large number of TWD bakers from around the world, all following Dorie Greenspan's Baking cookbook recipe for the most part. We do alter the recipe a tad from time-to-time but that is part of the fun, to see imaginations at work. Great, now I feel like a GE commercial (laughing out loud while typing).
Well, high five to Teanna for several reasons. First, before even starting this recipe, my deep fryer was taken apart and thoroughly scrubbed inside and out. Then new peanut oil was added. Most of the time I think about why I didn't do this earlier but NOT this time. Who cares why I didn't clean this earlier (I am smiling because I really don't). It's clean now and ready to go. Dorie's recipe could not have had a better shot for coming out great!
Dorie says the dough may be a little dry still after adding 3 to 4 T of hot water. Mine was too moist after only 3 T. of hot water so I needed to add extra flour, about an 1/8th cup extra.
Chilled the dough for 2 hours.

Floured the Bageebees out of the pastry board, rolling pin, cutter, and ruler.
Filled 2 layers on a cookie sheet with plastic wrap as a divider; this works great. Refrigerated again for 1 hour.
Forgot to take a picture of me tossing the crisps in the cinnamon sugar so you just get to see my the dish of sugar.
These little buggers fry up quick. NO leaving the deep fryer while cooking. Kind of like a deep fried cracker with sugar.
Scooped them out, set them on a triple layer of paper towels, flipped the crisps on towels, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Not a lot of cinnamon sugar stays on the crisps and I was surprised how the little goodies were not overly sweet. I have trouble eating deep fried anything so this is my only reason for not going berserk for the scherbens BUT the little treats 'were' tasty! Thank you Teanna for picking this week's recipe and a huge hug to all my baking buddies!


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Congratulation!! That is a nice scarf !! And thats look so crispy ..

Anncoo said...

Congrats! A very beautiful scarf~~hehee I'm a little jealous ;DD
I want to bookmark this, looks so crispy!

Shandy said...

Sonia, Thank you! I love the scarf too. The scherben was crispy and delicious =)

Anncoo, thank you too. I just love baking along with my blogging friends =)

petite nyonya said...

Hi Shandy! I am overjoyed & I could almost hear you scream ;)! So happy that you like the scarf. Muahhh!! I bet the color suits you just great & that you will look really pretty with it. I like this crispy snack but seem like a lot of work, but I might just try it one day. I think my husband will finish it all as he loves anything crispy & fried.

Flourchild said...

Congrats on the pretty scarf..you so deserve it!
I passed on the Scherben but I will make the next SMS and TWD..they both look good. I plan to share most of them..trying to cut out sweets in the house! My daughter lost 5 pounds since I have!

Karen said...

I ended up putting my Scherben in a plastic bag with the cinnamon sugar = much sweeter!

Anonymous said...

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