Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heavenly Cake Bakers - Financiers ***Gold Ingots***

I am going with late is better then not at all; how's that?
HCB this week is Financiers - Gold Ingots to be precise. Almonds are the highlight and I adore almonds, especially when ground into flour and made into a cookie, cake, or pastry such as these cute little ingots!

I even bought a mold just for this recipe. There was a little confusion when trying to purchase the mold (shown below) through Amazon.com. Oh, there were lots of molds to chose from but no measurements for the individual slots. I found this one by reading other people's posted comments. Took me over 30 minutes to find this mold. A treasure with a story!

Toasting almond slices then grinding with superfine sugar had such a wonderful aroma in my kitchen. I probably forgot to mention the golden ingots were baked this morning. The kitchen still smells delicious. (Ooops! I did overfill a few of the molds and many of the golden Ingots are cracked on top . . . but they still taste wonderful!)

Rose amazes me with her baking talent. I have been LOVING this book and decided to purchase her Pie and Pastry Bible this last week. I am also contemplating her Bread Bible.

Rose has been teaching me how to bake for over 10 years. The short list of rules in the front along with the special effects and techniques in the bake are constant flip-too's. I just found out about POURfect measuring spoons today and I am now going to look them up after finishing here.

I really enjoyed baking this cute little treat. Putting my silicon mold on a wire rack on top of a baking sheet does help with air flow and I can see using this idea for other baking projects. Good thing I just finished jogging on the treadmill because tea time is NOW =).


Eliana said...

I love anything almond so these would be perfect for me.

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