Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweet Melissa Sundays ~ Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Pie

Good morning! Actually, as I type in front of my monitor, it is night out and I have two furious cats on my hands. Even with kitty treats and an alloted amount of soft kitty food with REAL turkey, I have been given the tail. You see, both kitties received baths and had her (both are girls) nails clipped. The goodies have been scarfed and I am looked at with both ears straight back. I do not even WANT to know what this means in cat language.
I am currently sipping a well deserved Frozen Fuzzy Navel (recipe below) as I type away while being stared at. I am pretending to not notice. The pie looks right doesn't it? I see more of a tart look going on.

The Sweet Melissa Sunday's lemon blueberry buttermilk pie was chosen by Melissa of Lulu the Baker (you can find the recipe here at her blog). I read the title of the recipe several times and the title never changed. I was dreading making this pie. I am sorry Melissa for saying such a blatant statement but there IS a positive ending.

I need to add how I always have buttermilk on hand EXCEPT for now. I used the last of my buttermilk making something, I am sure of it (and no, I have not been drinking yet). I wanted to say onion rings but onion slices soak in plain milk to rid the onions of that strong bite before dipping in batter to fry. I decided to use powdered buttermilk, shown above, for the first time. I actually lost the container I bought earlier and purchased another along the way. To my shock (I really never intended on using this but thought someday there may be a buttermilk emergency) this product tastes just like real buttermilk.
I used my own flaky pastry pie crust recipe (for some reason when I use Melissa's, I end up with the melting glob in a pie plate). The lemon really stands out and tossing fresh blueberries with apricot preserves gives the berries a shiny coating. I just never thought of adding fresh, uncooked blueberries to the top of a pie before. You REALLY taste the lemon and blueberries without either flavor getting lost. My final thought (I swore I would work on typing LESS in my posts, really) is the pie tastes and looks more like a tart but maybe I am the only one with this issue. I can not wait to see everyone else's pies. Melissa at Lulu the Baker Always has amazing pictures so get your mouse over here and click HERE to check her pie out. Thank you Melissa for hosting!

Fluffy finely dry and still pretending to be indifferent.

The well deserved Frozen Fuzzy Navel:
1 fresh peach with no peel. I would take out the pit too =)
3 ounces Peach Schnapps
3 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate
about 2 cups of ice
Combine ingredients and pour into blender. Process until slushy. Pour into chilled glasses (2). Serve with long handled spoons.


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Your family member is lucky to have you, you always prepared good foods for them.

Sweet and Savory said...

We used to have a Fluffy also.

Your pie is stunning and it looks like a pie.

I was also surprised at the uncooked blueberries but it fit right in.

Everything else went wrong but those blueberries were great.

Flourchild said...

My week was so busy and stressful I did not get time to bake this pie..but I sure love your pie!

Your kitty is so cute..she looks so pretty and playful!!

Hanaâ said...

Beautiful tart/pie, Shandy. Looks like it set up nicely. And Fluffy looks cute! I think she wants a tummy rub :o)

Vicki said...

What a delicious looking pie! I didn't know about the dried buttermilk. Good tip. Very very cute cat.

Gloria said...

Wow Shandy! You're a brave girl bathing and clipping your cats nails in one evening! I also have 2 girl kitties...though I've never dared bathing them....but hubby does clip their nails. They also give the evil afterward! I can see why you needed the Fuzzy Navel! Your cat is adorable!

Nice job on the pie! You are smart to use a different pie crust recipe...I had trouble with the all butter crust. I was unsure about this pie, but ended up loving it! I don't know if you saw my comment a day or two ago on your Bostini, but I would love the Bostini recipe if you can share it. My email is glory445 @

Julie said...

Your pie looks lovely! It does look like pie. The frozen fuzzy navel looks yummy! What a cute clean kitty!

Anonymous said...

Your pie looks gorgeous! I'm jealous of your crust along with the crust of practically everyone else who baked along this weekend. This was my first time baking with SMS and making my own pie dough. I was not too successful with the dough. A stickky glob on the bottom of the pie plate is a good way to describe it! LOL

Would you be so kind as to share your pie crust recipe?

The Bahens said...

Thanks for baking with me this week. I agree about the tart thing. My pie wasn't very tall, so it could easily have just gone in a tart pan; then maybe my crust would have stayed put! --Melissa

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