Monday, March 7, 2011

HCB-Decadent Raspberry/Chocolate Genoise AND TWD's Corniest Corn Muffins

If pictures say a thousand words then this blog better start talking. I spent 3 days doing this cake in sections so I could fit it in and TAH DAHHHH . . . Here it is! Heavenly Cake Bakers has baked yet another fabulous concoctions, of light and airy chocolate cake, cocoa syrup, raspberry puree, and a chocolate/raspberry ganache. Boy, are there a kitchen sink FULL of dishes.

Further down the post is Tuesdays with Dorie - Corniest Corn Muffins chosen by this week's host (drum roll please) Jill of My Next Life.

Since I am in a hurry, the pictures will have to do the talking.

Below we have eggs whipped into a frenzy, filled full of air.

I was worried when I added the chocolate ganache to the whipped eggs but the process worked; never have I made a cake with all of 4 ingredients and had this fluffy result.

The raspberry/chocolate ganache has both dark and white chocolate grated to fine chunks.

Heavy cream and raspberry puree with the raspberry syrup previously cooked down from 1/2 cup to 2 Tablespoons is heated to a boil.

The syrup is poured onto the chocolate chunks while the processor whizzes along, making this delectable ganache.

The raspberry/chocolate ganache is chilled to thicken and cocoa syrup is coated on to layers that have been previously split into two, creating a 4 layer cake.

The result is a light, airy, moist chocolate/raspberry flavored cake. I did not find the raspberry as dominate a flavor as I was expecting. Still, a delicious and VERY charming cake to present and eat. Next week, we have another chocolate cake to present for the HCB'ers.

Now on to our host Jill and the TWD group. Corniest corn muffins!

I added fresh chopped thyme and sweet basil to the dry ingredients and lots of corn overall. More like 1 1/2 cups instead of the 1 cup called for. The muffins were served with a beef/butternut squash stew. Results: Absolutely Delicious and a Winner!
The only negative? Mine did not bake up as high and pretty as Dories but whose complaining?

Thank you Jill for hosting and check out the other TWD'ers muffins to see all the variations one recipe can present!


Vicki said...

Gorgeous cake! Corn muffins sound yummy.

Jenn said...

Beautiful cake. Love the raspberries on top. I've never had corn muffin before, it sounds good! :)

Hanaâ said...

Love you tall 4 layer cake, and the muffins looks corny and moist! :o)

Gloria said...

What a stunning cake Shandy! It looks amazing and chocolate and raspberry are a favorite flavor combination. I've been wanting to attempt a "genoise". Have a few recipes in my new cookbook, Sarabeth's Bakery.

The corn muffins looks yummy. Nicely done.

Kayte said...

Now that is one very pretty celebration cake! My guys would love to sit down to something like that! The muffins were so good, taste is everything, right? I think they rose just fine, but I know what you mean, sometimes we have a vision and when it doesn't turn out like that, we are disappointed. I would not be disappointed with your muffins, that's for sure! That stew looks delicious and a perfect thing to keep those muffins in good company!