Sunday, August 22, 2010

SMS - Sweet Almond Cake with Lemon Curd and Lemon Mascarpone Frosting

Sweet Melissa Sundays is hosted by:
Katie of Katiecakes (Can get the cake recipe here or buy Melissa's cookbook)
The Recipe:
Sweet Almond Cake with Lemon Curd and Lemon Mascarpone Frosting

I am hurrying this morning. My parents came up this last week after two years and I made the cake while Mom and Dad were visiting. Okay, honesty, I have had to bake the cake itself . . . TWICE. Yes, there are 24 egg yolks currently in my refrigerator.

My parents have been married for 45 years and I wanted to bake the cake for their anniversary because Dad loves lemon flavors and I thought Melissa's cake would be perfect. Mom loves chocolate so I also made a triple chocolate layer mousse cake. Melissa's cake was baked before my parents arrived and I took the cake out of the oven too soon. I tested the cake twice with toothpicks and the cake still CAVED big time. I had two bowls and no salvaging was going to help this mess.

Mom and Dad arrived and later Thursday afternoon, I re-baked the cake, got wrapped up in some serious catching-up conversation and never heard the oven alarm go off. I have NO idea how long the cake was in the oven. Panicked, took the cake layers out of the oven and Dad said no worries, crunchy cake is his favorite.

The lemon curd tasted delicious but again, I cooked a LOT longer then what Melissa stated in the recipe, the curd came to the right thickness but was still not overly thickened when fully chilled. My butter is an apparent addition in the frosting as well. Maybe I did not have the butter at room temperature long enough, I don't know. I do know the cake was still VERY tasty. Thank you Katie for choosing this week's recipe and for hosting. I think I can now bake this cake with my eyes closed =). Check out the rest of our group's cakes along with me and have fun seeing imagination at work! The link to the bakers roll: Baker's Roll.

I just finished crocheting the above doily (only took 8 months this time) for my parents about 1 week before they arrived. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the doily is about 24-inches in circumference. Happy Sunday and Happy Baking everyone!


Future Grown-Up said...

I agree...this was a totally tasty cake. Kudos to you for not giving up after the first cake got ornery...great job on a yummy looking cake.

Gloria said...

Your cake looks fantastic! I had some trouble with the recipe cake is sitting in my kitchen right now, split and filled with lemon curd (which I also cooked a lot longer than called for in the recipe), however, my frosting is a disaster. So I have to make another trip to the store to make more frosting so I can photo and post. How fun to be spending the weekend with your parents celebrating their anniversary! Hope you will be posting pic of the chocolate creation you made for your mom ;). Gorgeous crocheting! What a special gift for your parents. :)

Flourchild said...

I can not for the life of me rebake anything if it's a flop..I thtow it away and move on to the next recipe! I hate wasting ingredients so I don't bother with it a second time!
Way to go on making it again and for a great occasion. Happy Anniversary to your parents! 45 years is a blessing!
Your croche is so lovely! Nice!! I hope you enjoyed your parents!

Julie said...

Oh that's so frustrating when something like that happens when you're baking. I just had it happen with a soccer ball cake I made for my step son. The second one turned out great.

Happy Anniversary to your parents. What a lovely doily!

Candy Girl said...

Looks delicious! I had some issues with this recipe myself but it tastes great.

Jennifurla said...

I happens! ha, glad it tasted good

margot said...

Your cake looks wonderful! I hope you're able to find a use for the extra egg yolks. I just made the frosting and it looks like a lumpy mess, so I was peeking to see if any other bakers had issues.

The crochet doily is so pretty. I hope you and your parents are having a nice visit.

Katiecakes said...

I can't believe you baked this bad boy twice! You're a legend!

Thanks for baking along!

Katie xox

spike. said...

wow- that's a lot of cake baking! Now what to do with all of those egg yolks?!

Hanaâ said...

Your cake turned out beautiful, Shandy. How sweet of you to bake it for your parents' anniversary (happy belated wedding anniversary, btw). Wow, 45 years!!

Your doily is amazing!!! Beautiful! I crocheted a lot as a teenager. Your doily brings back happy memories and makes me want to pick it up again :o) Maybe some day...

Hanaâ said...

Some suggestions for your egg yolks:
• Yellow cake (I like Rose’s recipe from The Cake Bible)
• Pastry cream
• Or, how about a Boston Cream Pie made with yellow cake and pastry cream filling? That’s two for the price of one :o)
• Pastry cream lightened with whipped cream (freezes really well, btw, must be because of the whipped cream addition because pastry cream by itself doesn’t freeze as well)
• Ice cream
• Crème Brulee
• Curd
That’s all I could come up with on the fly. Good luck! :o)

Eliana said...

Looks super delicious Shandy :)

Your Fellow Bakers said...

Yum! I would never have had the patience to rebake a cake, so I applaud you on that! =)
And your crochet piece is very pretty as well.

Jeannette said...

Kudos on not giving up! I rarely bake a flop twice unless I'm in a stubborn mood. As long as it was tasty, that's all that counts!

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